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Rock´n Roll (I gave you the best years of my Life)...

Oh, I can still remember when I bought my first guitar
Remember walking from the shop to put it proudly in my car
And my family listened fifty times to my two song repertoire
I told my Mom her only son was gonna be a star.

Well I bought all the Beatles records, sounded just like hall
Or Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry’s, seventy-eight in all
And I sat by my record player playing every note they played
I watched them all on TV, copied every move they made.

Oh, Rock’n’Roll I gave you all the best years of my life
All the teeny sunny Sundays, all the moonless summer nights
I was so busy in the bed room, writing love songs to you
But you were changing your direction and I never even knew
That I was always just one step behind you…

© Kevin Johnson
13.2.20 14:25
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Indianwinter (13.2.20 19:46)
...eines meiner absolut liebsten Songs aus der guten alten Zeit! 🎶🎙🎸
Er war mir total entfallen und als ich es eben angehört habe, ging es mir durch und durch.
Sogar den Text konnte ich noch mitsingen.
Danke dir für diese schöne Erinnerung. ..


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